What is a Health Fair?

A Health & Wellness Fair is an educational and interactive event where your staff and tenants get massage therapy, ergonomic evaluations, medical testing, nutritional evaluation and much more.

A Health & Wellness Fair takes place at your office or lobby space and all employees or tenants are invited.

The event is at no charge to them or you.

All employees also get a chance to participate in a raffle and win a prize.

Our health and wellness fairs and events will help you :

  • Increased employee and tenant productivity.
  • Help decrease employee and tenant rate of illness/injury.
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Provide solutions for the reduction of employee or tenant stress
  • Increased employee admiration & appreciation for the Human Resources, the firm’s management team or Property Management team.
  • Improved employee and tenant morale and more...

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring a new age of increased employee & tenant health & wellness by delivering stellar health & wellness events and providing the employees and tenants with the knowledge & solutions they need in order to improve their health & well being.

We believe people are important and so we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality health & wellness events that are fun, well organized, with professional exhibitors & screenings that benefit your tenants or your firm, your staff & the environment.

Meet the President of EMG Health Fairs

Yaniv Wanerman

Yaniv Wanerman is an Artist, inventor & entrepreneur who founded EMG Health Fairs in 2006 to bring a new era of increased staff and tenant Health and Wellness, by delivering excellent health and wellness events that provide the staff and tenants with the knowledge and the means they need to succeed in improving their overall health.

Yaniv was born in Israel in 1975 in a small community. He served in the military.

Yaniv’s passion was helping others & doing all that is possible to help as many individuals to improve their spiritual and physical health.

Reasons For Health Fairs

A Health Fair can bring about:

Improved employee morale
Increased employee productivity
Decreased rate of illness/injury
Reduced absenteeism
Reduced stress levels
Increased happiness and well-being

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared answers to questions you might have regarding Health Fairs and how they are set up and how they can help you.

Book a Health Fair

To book your Health Fair click on the button below, enter the details of your event and one of our Health Fair Consultants will contact you to go over any additional data needed regarding the type health & wellness event you are interested in.

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Our health fairs Help improve the health and wellness of the individual

Resulting in a happier, healthier and more productive individual with higher moral.

What Others Say About Us

I am writing to let you know that the bi-annual health fair that is conducted in my office has been an excellent source of help to me during a very difficult time in my life. I first met with the team two years ago and last year I was diagnosed with high cholesterol through the health fair. a glucose/cholesterol test was taken and i was able to follow up with my practitioner. I was able to catch a very serious problem in time and have made tremendous progress since then. they joined us again today and I was so excited to see the team. they all remembered me and they really put a smile on my face. I thanked them all and wanted to let you know personally. thank you so much again.

B.R. An Employee

I want to thank you for the health and rejuvenation fair. Everything was well organized, the food was great, the decoration etc. employees appreciated all that was done and most importantly the information that they obtained. It was fun and educational. The best health fair we have had so far. I look forward to working with you again next year.

J.C. HR Manager

I wanted to express my gratitude for the great health fairs you coordinated at our NY and NJ locations. When I returned to my desk, there were many emails from employees indicating that they thought this was the best health fair we have had and they truly enjoyed it. Thanks again for a job well done!!

S.L. Manager

The health fair went exceptionally well today. Thank you. I really appreciate you setting this up and helping all our employees start the holiday season stress-free. Thank you so much for facilitating the health and rejuvenation fair. it was amazing, everything from the setup, the balloons, the music and of course the food! We had excellent attendance, and all participants seemed to benefit from the day. You have been wonderful to work with: organized, accessible and enthusiastic.

L.F. Manager

The Health and Wellness Fair has made such a positive impact with the UNFPA colleagues. They really appreciate that the organization takes care of them. In these times when employees are too stressed and busy to go to see a doctor or to take care of recurrent problems in offices like back problems, foot problems, high blood pressure... the health fair has been the opportunity for our colleagues to stop and think about their well-being. In addition to that, the health and wellness fair has become a very nice meeting point for our staff, facilitating the opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues with whom you normally would have not interacted before. Our staff just love the health and wellness fair!

L.G. HR Manager