The Flow of a Health Fair

We will take care of almost everything for your health & wellness event, and help you make it a positive & stress-free experience.

Our purpose is to bring a new age of increased employee and tenant health & wellness by delivering stellar health & wellness events and providing the employees and tenants with the knowledge and solutions they need in order to improve their health & wellbeing.

The flow of an event

1. You schedule the date for the health & wellness event to be done 4 weeks in advance, preferably 12, but we will work with what is best for you.

2. Our professional health & wellness logistics team then takes over.

We coordinate with you;

a) The right time and the right space on your premises.
We usually deliver events over an extended lunch break so there’s as little production time lost as possible.

b) The exact right mix of medical and non-medical health professionals to come and educate and enlighten your employees based on your company needs & culture.

c) Getting the promotional invitation approved by you for your use in advance to notify your employees of their upcoming health and wellness event.

3. We provide an experienced, professional Health & wellness event Coordinator who arrives prior to the event to help settle the exhibitors & making sure everything runs smoothly. We create a relaxed & easy-to-approach and learn atmosphere.

We always have the vendors provide a raffle prize for your employees.

4. During the event we are able to provide an anonymous survey so that we can continue to improve our service in the next event. You will get the Admiration for your help & for bringing our service to your employees.

Tips on when to book a fair

When booking a health fair it is important to avoid:

1. Scheduling the event at your busiest time

2. Scheduling the event during when many employees have vacation time

3. Scheduling too closely with other events

It is important to create the event in advance and set it up with the purpose of having as many employees participating as possible so that everyone can benefit.